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Chicago, IL 


Chicago, IL

312 - 569 - 9170

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Short bio

Amon Re The 8th Sign - born Jermaine Price - is a Forest City, North Carolina rapper who has spent the last seven years perfecting his craft at his homebase in Chicago, Illinois. Averse to labels, he prefers to refer to himself as a “conscious” artist who uses his emotional acuity and skill for empathy to become a vessel for people’s struggles with self, society, or life in general. Channeling the experiences of others through music, his goal is to elicit in the listener a moment of visceral connection in the hopes of creating what he describes as “a soundtrack to your life.” Drawing inspiration from the everyday, everything including the vibrations and frequencies people exude on a simple bus ride can provide the platform for a song from Amon Re. Also using his music as an outlet for his own voice, Amon Re admits Jermaine Price was a shy kid, and Hip-Hop has provided the latter with a safe space in which to openly express his thoughts, whether offensive or enlightening. The middle child of five siblings, he experienced a tragedy in 2012 when his older brother was murdered. It wouldn’t be until he was 26 years old that he would meet his own father. It was around this time he went back to school, studying broadcasting at a local community college, a drastic change in the life of a high-school dropout working odd jobs. After graduating he obtained a job as a production assistant on a nationally syndicated television show, working his way up to producer, eventually being nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. But music has found its way back into his life.


In August of 2017, he released his 5-track EP of unreleased material he wrote in 2015 titled Let Us Pray produced by Charlottesville,VA producer Finn Downey. “I just wasn’t in a good place with music mentally,” he explains. Mixed and mastered by Marsten House Recording’s Steve Sxacks in Philadelphia, the EP was led by single in the form of its title track, which was followed up by “Lonely People,” which he describes as “my personal feelings of loneliness and how society is a bunch of lonely people looking for a connection through social media without actually connecting with another human.” Let Us Pray accumulated over 82 thousand streams on Spotify across 20 different countries. 

RECENT releases

Released 8/'18
Released 7/'18

New Strange Fruit EP is the second release from NC rapper Amon Re The 8th Sign. It is scheduled to be released in mid 8/2018 on all DSP’s.  After collaborating with Italian producer Dirty Meth Dopamina on one track,  which turned out to be the title track, the pair decided to do a EP together. Amon is stepping out of his comfort zone with New Strange Fruit EP, so you will hear a different sound from the NC emcee. The sound Dirty meth Dopamina develops keeps his noise and psychedelic background, while melts it with smokey and relaxing atmospheres, with a 90's hip hop wink. 

Bar Talk Ep 4:

A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline

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Rock Dem Radio Interview 2/9/19: Changing Your Narrative

"Rapper Amon Re The 8th sign in particular,

is in the processes of taking music consciousness to the higher level."

The soulomind

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Your story is really inspiring. I know that sounds corny and played out, but I mean it. Cheers to you for your ability to undergo a tragedy, have what sounds like a really dope career, AND pursue your passion in music. Really, you should be very proud and remind yourself every day that you rock :)


Amanda Mester, Writer