The Emphasis Project

The Emphasis Project provides hands on experiences to emerge teen artist in real world projects. The students will be able to participate in producing a video and/or photo-shoot for a final project. They will have guided lessons in wardrobe styling, videography, photography, and managing projects. The students will collectively create a vision for the project that represents how they view what is happening in their communities.

Collectively, everyone will learn and participate in the different aspects of producing a professional artist video and/or photo; however, on the day of the shoot the students will be divided into groups that most intrigue them about the project. Once the photo-shoot is edited and completed the photos will be sent in to a Chicago based magazine. Every student who participates in the development of the project will receive a copy of the work to begin a comprehensive diverse portfolio that can be used for career and college applications. The skills and project that the students will develop will allow them to compete in a global market.


Next Level Society is a Chicago 501c3 non profit organization developed to aid in the development of creative entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create a new society of driven, focus, and successful individuals. Providing affordable workshops, workspace and living space to those who have a calling for entrepreneurship. While we aim to help all medians of business we pay special attention to businesses based around the arts.

Our target audience is male and females between the ages of 13-24. As a new business we have decided to start with targeting the age group 13-18 first with an after school program and summer program. The company’s premier program is The Emphasis Project. The Emphasis project is a program offered to teens that exposes them to careers in the production industry and provides hands on experience.

Each student leaves the program with industry standard work that they can begin a portfolio with. The program can range in weeks facilitated from 6 weeks to 15 weeks depending on what the final project is. In the past the final projects have been a photoshoot. In 2018 we plan for the participants to be able to produce a live event and a video.

The program has been typically held at a Chicago Park District in which we have developed a great relationship with. Ultimately, Next Level Society will be an entrepreneur resource center geared toward the arts. There are plans to begin training entrepreneurs and freelance artist on business plan development and marketing in 2018. Adding the new planned workshops will allow for the company to reach the second portion of the target market (ages 19-24).

We are looking to grow the current number of contracts for The Emphasis Project in 2018 as well. Millennials and generations after are moving more towards entrepreneurship and we will be the vehicle that guides them through the process.

Meet The Team


Cyaira Adams

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The students in out program were task with creating a concept that displayed what they thought the future would look like. The students took it a step further and did a past, present and future themed photoshoot.


The students choose people

from Chicago that exemplified black excellence to show what it black excellence meant to them.

Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future -


The students in Palmer Park summer program The Emphasis Project, put together this amazing photo. Take a behind the scenes look at the process leading to the final photoshoot. Their concept is "Your pass does not determine your future."



The student chose "Pride of The Tribe" as the theme for this photoshoot to show love for their neighborhood.

Next Level Society Opening
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Initiate the change

We need your support to help provide quality programs to teens in the Chicago area as we develop innovative ways to connect the arts to business. Our afterschool programs provide teens a safe environment to express their frustrations, dreams and thoughts about the world through the creative arts.  Your donation would help NLS Creators fund field trips and events for teens in our program. 

Our field trips are multimedia experiences that allow students to learn through interacting with the real world of production. We took a group of students on a tour of NBC in downtown Chicago and they were able to see behind the scenes of the whole production process. One student expressed interest in becoming a top female director after hearing there are few female directors in the field. Another student was inspired by the technological aspect of the field trip and expressed interest in becoming a broadcasting technician. 

Our goal is to motivate the next generation of creative entrepreneurs. Without your help this can not be possible. On behalf of all of our NLS Creators, our teens and staff we thank you very much for your support.