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What's good!? It's Jermaine Price, if you are here then you saw my performance and probably know me by Amon Re The 8th Sign. I am not here to sell you anything but I do want a few minutes of your time, just to share why this project is important to me. Life is about growth and 2019 was definitely a year of learning for me. I let things get in my way and didn't release a single song last year. I barely wrote any new songs until the end of the year. This season of my life is about handling business and my first single for 2020 title is fitting. This season of my life is about taking action and going after everything God has for me.


In November of 2019, I took a leap of faith and quit my job as a tv producer to take on music full time. I finally realized that my purpose in life is to inspire others to change their narrative the way I did. I plan to do that through my music. If I can go from a high school drop out to an Emmy nominated tv producer anyone with a dream can capture theirs.

If you are in a place where failure is not an option and you refuse to take no for an answer then this song is for you. It is time to get focused, block all negativity from your life and handle your mother effing business...aye aye!

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